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Welcome! The Youth Bicycle Education Network (YBEN) links, supports, and strengthens organizations that use the bicycle as a vehicle for youth development and community building.

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Our goal is to facilitate the start-up and function of similar organizations on a national and international level. The YBEN site is a resource for groups around the country that want to share handouts, lesson plans and other resources.

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One Revolution at a Time

One Revolution at a Time: a guide to starting and running youth bike ride clubs

This colorfully illustrated 48 page manual explains how to organize youth cycling trips, especially in urban environments. It includes information on how leaders should prepare for rides, train youth participants, handle group dynamics & situations that may arise during a bike trip.

Availability: Free (not yet available on web)
Shipping and Handling: $5 check or money order
Mail to: 55 Washington Street, Brooklyn New York 11201

Author: Karen Overton and Audrey Warren
Design and Layout: Caren Cohen
Funded & Published by: Bike New York in 2002
Illustration by: Terence Rabaza.

If you would like to make a bulk order contact us for more infomation

Moving Beyond Icebreakers

Moving Beyond Icebreakers: An Innovative Approach to Group Facilitation, Learning, and Action

This book is packed with exercises for building a strong group, engaging students in learning, and making meetings and trainings work for effective. Also this book helps group memebers, create new ideas, solve problems, resolve conflicts, and understand new concepts. Includes detailed agendas, lesson plans, scenarios and really life situtation that explain how to approach the real world of work. Click here to get your copy!

Author: Stanley Pollack, with Mary Fusoni

Tools For Life

New York: Transportation Alternatives, 1996, 72 pp, illustrated, forms, tablesThe best start-up guide for community bike schools. Guide is based on New York Recycle-a-Bicycle program model, which operates earn-a-bike on-site in public schools, but the plans are widely applicable to most locations and situations. Includes sample budget, tool order lists, and inventory forms. Excellent final exam for assessing student learning.

Green Mapping with Youth

Green Map Systems has a great section devoted to Youth Mapping Projects which includes a directory of youth made maps around the world, along with activity guides, educator resources and a great CD of resources that you can order.

How to pay less tax?

France is the country in Europe where we pay the most taxes. The question of paying less tax is therefore legitimate. Despite the withholding tax, which changes the means of payment of income tax , you must still declare your income. This declaration is necessary to obtain credits and tax reductions. How to pay less tax in 2019? Can I pay less tax by having a modest household? How to lower my taxes? In this article to pay less tax "for dummies", we will review your property income , your property fortune, various tax credits, tax reductions and the ideal solutions to pay less tax in 2019.

Tax exemption in real estate

The Pinel law for your new home

Tax exemption in real estate proves to be a way to make significant savings when you invest in real estate . You can, for example, tax exemption in new real estate with the Pinel law in particular. It was the 2015 finance law that introduced this measure to replace the Duflot law.

The Pinel law is more advantageous than the Duflot law. The reduction proposed by the tax exemption is:

12% for a period of 6 years
21% over 12 years
It should be noted that the Pinel law applies differently depending on the area in which you buy and rent your property. The 2019 zoning depends on your department, and borough if applicable. You can check which zone (A, Abis, B1, B2) you are by clicking here .

However, to be able to benefit from this advantageous tax exemption, you will have to respect the resource threshold of your tenants .

What law for old housing?

Although the Pinel law is retained for investments bought new, this law also applies to old housing refurbished. It allows tax exemption for your rental investments . You can obtain this reduction for new dwellings , dwellings that you wish to renovate with a view to renting them out, dwellings in a future state of completion (VEFA) .

Again, the reduction can be up to 21% of tax reduction . You can therefore obtain a tax reduction for so-called rehabilitation investments . You will have to restore the accommodation to a decent, new condition, so that you can benefit from the Pinel law.

Real estate tax exemption: the French people's favorite
However, the Cosse law will allow you to have a maximum tax reduction of 85% for the rents received .

The Cosse law indeed concerns old or new housing located in urban areas . The Cosse law is applicable, just like the Pinel law, if you rent the residence to your tenants as a main residence . As with the Pinel law, you must rent your unfurnished, empty accommodation. However, this time, with the Cosse law, you will have to rent for a maximum period:

6 years
of 9 years in the case of an Anah rehabilitation
However, if you are in an area protected by law, you can benefit from the Malraux Ancien law . You will then have to renovate your accommodation to be able to benefit from it. In fact, in 2019 , the Malraux law gives you the right to a tax reduction of 30% for buildings located in:

You can get 22% discount for buildings located in:

a PVAP site , Architecture and heritage enhancement plan

Energy saving works

Even if it means doing work, you might as well do useful work both for your wallet and for the environment . The energy transition works are eligible for a called CITE tax credit (tax credit for energy transition) .

This tax credit was to end on December 31, 2018, but there is an extension thanks to the 2019 finance law. This extension was maintained until 2020 . You can indeed do work to make thermal insulation of:

There are 3 tax credit rates:

a rate of 30%: applicable to most energy transition works
a rate of 15% : for window replacement expenses
an increased rate of 50% : for the costs of removing an oil tank
These credits have an overall ceiling of € 8,000 for a single person and € 16,000 for a couple in common taxation ( married couple , PACS ). In addition, this ceiling is increased by € 400 per dependent . These rates apply over a period of 5 consecutive years .

Many expenses may be eligible for a tax deduction.

Maya Pedal

Maya Pedal builds bicycle driven machines in Guatamala. They have plans for bicycle based generators, washing machines, pumps and more. If you are thinking about doing a re-use project, their plans are a great starting point.

Map Reading and Route Planning

This lesson will intensify students commitment to bike saftey. It will motivate students through use of an adventure learning component involving use of maps to find real world destinations, and optimally safe neighborhood bike routes. Especially for kids that are gearing to do their first bike rides.

Audience: Middle School and Higher
Estimate Time: 2hrs classroom and 2hrs on the road

Connecting Routes to the Riverfront

A Study On the Development of Connecting Routes from the Neighborhood to the Riverfront Trail

Goals: To introduce basic principles of urban planning and to explore aspects of river ecology, commerce and relationships of the River to urban development. Also its a great idea to take children outside the classroom setting and gain the experiences in neighborhood planning and development.

Audience: Middle School and Higher
Author: Roy Bohn
EstimatedTime: 1-2 hrs

Build A Recumbant

Designing and Building Your Own Recumbent, diagrams and drawing are available.

Audience: Junior High School and Higher
Estimate Time: 4-5hrs

Know the Street

This covers stragies that will teach participants about their community: the kind of people that lives near them, who they can reach in case of emergency, and how their community can be positive support to them while riding.

Audience: Junior High School and Higher
Estimate Time: 1-2hrs
Author: Cyntha McArthur